Welcome to Gunn Christian Academy, a premier private academy serving students in grades one through twelve within the communities of Bessemer, Birmingham, and Jefferson County. We offer classes to all students and seek to teach children with educational and personal challenges who find it difficult to successfully compete in traditional classroom settings. At GCA, we believe all children have a name and a purpose and they deserve a chance for success in society. GCA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability 


We believe Christ must remain the center of education, home, and family. Our curriculum includes classes in Bible and Religion. Additionally, the students and staff participate in devotion and prayer each morning. We openly pray with and for our students and their families. With tools and organizational methods incorporated from top American corporations as well as social skills development and character building, GCA offers a breakthrough instructional methodology that meets the needs of all children, regardless of their learning level, style, or background while addressing many of the economic, moral, professional, and social challenges students will face in 21st Century America.

Our mantra at GCA is “You must reach them to teach them!” We put these words into action each day focusing on the value of the child, rather than on the mistakes he or she makes.

GCA is affiliated with both the Alabama Christian Education Association and the American Association of Christian Schools.

We are a Partner School with the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Please visit their website for more information: www.alabamaopportunityscholarshipfund.org.



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We Must Reach Them To Teach Them

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